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Some of our friends along the journey...and our favorite websites

Monterra Weimaraners

Liz Krupinski & Tim Bintner

-As a tribute to our friend Liz, a tracker for Stoli’s puppies can be found here.

Vizsla Related:

Vizsla Club of America: vcaweb.org
Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group, Inc: coloradovizsla.org
Cruiser Vizslas: shootingstardogs.com (Karma’s maternal side of the family)
Boulder Vizslas: bouldervizslas.com (Indy’s maternal side of the family)
The Wild Bunch: wildbunchvizslas.com (Karma’s paternal side of the family)
Kizmar Vizslas: www.kizmar.com/index.htm (Halo’s maternal side of the family)
Adara Vizslas: www.adaravizslas.com/ (Halo’s paternal side of the family)

Agility Trial Resources:

Colorado area agility: http://lookoutgoldens.com/trialservices.htm
Kansas area agility: www.flyinblues.com

Training Resources:

Best “weavas” trainer ever!: thecognitivecanine.wordpress.com/
Puppy training: http://www.ultimatepuppy.com/  -- love their link to a socialization checklist!

Goods for your Dogs:

Dogs Unlimited (Bird Training Supplies): dogsunlimited.com

Finnrok Vizslas: finnrokvizslas.com (click on their sales tab for awesome dog coats and dog panties)

Orvis: www.orvis.com (this link takes you to Indy’s favortie dog bed)

Vizsla Goods for You:

3 Legged Dog Ink: http://www.etsy.com/shop/3LeggedDogInk Jenny LOVES the Vizsla notecards!  Tip -- if you can’t decide on one picture ask for a custom order with all your favorite designs :)  Lyndsey does much more than just notecards, check out the whole store!

MMM...Ways to Cook Your Pheasant:

Pheasant Gumbo: Looking for a Southern twist?  This is delicious and the cajun influences hide the “gamey” flavor that can sometimes be overwhelming :)  Click here for our recipe!

Pheasant Phiesta: A creamy and spicy base recipe that can be used to make any dish with a Mexican flare.  Tacos, enchiladas, just about anything you can dream up! Click here for our recipe!

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BISS GCH Diamond Cruiser’s Mile High Flyer MH

Karma’s littermate who we love with all our hearts!  Zeke is a phenomenal boy who deserves a place for his accomplishments and breeding information -- so we made one for him :)

-Zeke’s page can be found by clicking here.

GCH Calibre’s Right to Bear Arms CD BN RE JH OA AXJ NF

Our favorite cousin, Gunner!  This is Karma’s cousin who joins us on a BUNCH of our adventures.  We mention him and his Momma Heather often, so they needed a page too :)

-Gunner’s page can be found by clicking here.