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When we met in 2007, Indy and Schmavitz were the center of our respective universes.  Everything revolved around our boys, and when we both answered the most crucial question on both of our “my significant other must have this trait list,” we knew we were meant to be.  The question?  Do you let your dog sleep in the bed? 

When we met, Indy was already both a Champion and a Junior Hunter.  Marc was *so proud* of his boy and tried to explain how cool it was to see Indy on birds.  Pretty soon, Jenny was able to witness Indy doing his thing, and that was all it took.  Soon, we were entering Indy in Senior hunting tests and when he completed that title, we moved onto Master.  And then we had a Master dog and had to allow him to do what he loved. 


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Our little miss do-it-all.  Karma is good at everything and is the happiest Vizsla you will ever meet!


Our new baby girl.

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The skipping poodle, he cracks us up, and hangs with the V’s!

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Our Vizsla Story

So we took a Hunters Safety class, bought our first shotguns, and started hunting.  Our Vizsla Club was instrumental in helping get us started in hunting.  They held clinics and several hunting trips each season.  Then we started planning our own trips, and pretty soon, Jenny ached for a Vizsla of her own to hunt over.  As we thought about getting a puppy, we started thinking about becoming breeders.  Jenny’s degree is in Genetics, and the idea of bettering a breed is a definite passion.  We are very interested in potentially breeding someday -- lots of stars have to align before that day comes! For now, and until we start our breeding program, we offer stud services and are happy to answer questions and let you in on any leads we may have for responsible breeders with puppies on the ground.

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